Avril Roxanne O'brien

IMG 2164

Gender Female

Hair color Black

Eye color Blue

Talent Electric quitar

Avril, labeled The Crazy Punk, was born on August 22 1996 in Perth, Australia. Avril is a very big fan of rock ever since she was a little kid. She plays the electric guitar. Her idol is Avril Lavigne, also known as, the reason Avril became a punk. She has all of her albums and wants to dye her hair exactly like Avril Lavigne. She is a pretty random girl and is full of surpises.

Original DesignEdit

Avril is one of the most changed characters. At first, her name was originally Shelley, she was way shorter and her hair was longer and messy, she used to have two piercings in her ear, she know has two lipring. her bracelet's turned into a spikey one and changed arm. Her shirt use to be a plain pink top, which is now a striped shirt with a choker. Her pink and black colored short and long socks are replaced by long pink trousers and her shoes changed colors. Only her face isn't changed